Forensic Interviews

Forensic Interviews are provided to children, teenagers and vulnerable adults who have experienced child sexually abused, physically abused, commercially and/or sexually exploited, or may have been witness to a violent crime. The primary focus is to ensure the safety and well-being of the child during an investigation into allegations of child abuse. Forensic Services are provided by master’s level, professionals in a child-friendly environment with interviewers trained to obtain information in a trauma-informed, developmentally appropriate, non-leading and non-threatening.

Forensic interviews are conducted in a comfortable, child-friendly setting. Each child is seen by a forensic interviewer trained in evidence-based techniques for interviewing children.

Law enforcement and Cabinet for Health and Family Service workers who are assigned to the case will observe the forensic interview remotely from an observation room. To maintain best practice and credibility, all forensic interviews are recorded. Recorded forensic interviews are protected by Kentucky

Through the coordination of services with our multidisciplinary team and the recording of the forensic interview we can minimize the number of times a child is asked to describe their experience with different people.

Once the forensic interview is completed the multidisciplinary team (law enforcement, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, forensic interviewer, and family advocate) may meet with the protective caregiver(s) to discuss the forensic interview. The MDT members will discuss the interview, answer questions you may have and what you can expect next

Forensic Interviews are recorded, and in compliance with KRS 620.050 one copy will be maintained at the NKYCAC, the second copy will be given to the Commonwealth or County Attorney prosecuting the case if requested. The recorded forensic interview will not eliminate your child’s need to testify in court. If any additional requests are made for a copy of the recorded interview, the request must be through a court order and the copy will be given directly to the judge.

Multidisciplinary Teams:

The purpose of the multidisciplinary team shall be to review investigations, assess service delivery, and to facilitate efficient and appropriate disposition of cases through the criminal justice system.

NKYCAC collaborates with our multidisciplinary team members to coordinate investigations, provide services, pool resources and expertise, and reduce potential trauma to children and families. Our partners include: Law enforcement, Child protective services, Prosecution, Medical, Mental Health, Victim Advocacy, and nonprofits, all with the common goal of protecting children.

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