Forensic Interviews

NKYCAC conducts forensic interviews for children, teenagers, and vulnerable adults who have experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, commercial or sexual exploitation or have witnessed a violent crime. The primary focus is to ensure the safety and well-being of the child during investigations of child abuse.

Forensic interviews are trauma-informed, developmentally appropriate, non-leading, and non-threatening opportunities for children to share their experiences. They are conducted in a child-friendly, comfortable setting. Every interviewer has a master’s degree and specific, evidence-based, ongoing training.

 Every case receives a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) response. The MDT includes law enforcement, Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) investigators, and prosecutors who investigate and “fact find.” Every interview is observed by one or more of these investigators.

To maintain best practice and credibility, all forensic interviews are recorded and maintained in compliance with KRS 620.050. This statute dictates that one copy of the interview will be maintained at NKYCAC, and the second copy will be released to the Commonwealth or County Attorney prosecuting the case if requested. The recorded interview will not eliminate the possibility of court testimony, if necessary. Aside from the original two recordings, additional requests must be court-ordered and signed by a judge.  Recording the interviews and NKYCAC’s MDT approach minimizes the number of times children are questioned about their experiences and reduces distress for the child.

Once the forensic interview is completed, the MDT may meet with the protective caregiver(s) to discuss the forensic interview, answer questions, and outline the next steps in the investigation.

Multidisciplinary Teams:

In addition to responding to reports, attending and observing interviews, and investigating allegations, the MDT in each county meets monthly to review all relevant cases. The purpose of the monthly MDT meetings is to review investigations, assess service delivery, and facilitate efficient and appropriate disposition of cases through the criminal justice system. This practice also ensures that cases do not fall through the cracks and that each child’s needs are considered throughout the process.

NKYCAC collaborates with our multidisciplinary team members to coordinate investigations, provide services, pool resources and expertise, and reduce potential trauma to children and families. Our partners include law enforcement, CHFS, medical and mental health professionals, victim advocates, and other non-profits with the common goal of protecting children.

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