Our Mission

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The Northern Kentucky Children’s Advocacy Center provides a coordinated response to concerns of child abuse in a child-focused environment by offering prevention, evaluation, and treatment to children and families.


Our vision is to be a community where children are safe from abuse and neglect and families are strong. If abuse occurs, however, we will work with the community to bring healing to the children and their families.


Below are our core values which reflect what is truly important to us as an organization. These stand the test of time, from situation to situation, person to person, and represent the underpinning of our organizational culture.


  • We care about each and every child who has been or could be a victim of child abuse, as our tagline points to, “It’s all about the children.”
  • We will never turn a child away due to inability to pay for services.
  • We are focused on creating a safe and caring environment for children and their families.
  • We want our staff and community partners to feel supported and empowered.
  • We are dedicated to treating children and families, our employees, volunteers, partners and donors with kindness, respect, and dignity.


We ensure the safety, health and well-being of children at all times while engaging in any service or function of the NKYCAC

  • We are committed to providing interventions for children and families who have suffered abuse of any kind.
  • We seek to provide a secure and protected environment for those we serve and honor the privacy and confidentiality of children and their families.
  • We work to create a diverse environment so that we may deliver services that are sensitive to the cultural contexts of the families we serve.
  • We consistently use best practices to expand our capabilities and improve the services we provide.
  • We consider it our obligation to raise awareness and educate adults on how to protect children from abuse.
  • We believe in holding those who harm children accountable.
  • We relentlessly ask ourselves whether our decisions, behaviors, and recommendations possess integrity and are in the best interest of our clients.
  • We strive to provide trauma-informed care to those we serve.
  • We respect and care for one another.


  • Our greatest asset is our employees; we invest in their well-being, self-care, and professional growth.
  • Although we know that everyone has the power to make a positive impact, we believe that children can best be protected and treated through collaboration and partnerships with our communities.
  • Through teamwork and open communication, we empower families, our employees, and our community partners to have the strength to do what is best for each child.
  • We advocate for children, both locally and nationally, by understanding best practices, sharing what we learn, and reaching out to others to learn more.
  • We co-create and learn together, knowing that mistakes are opportunities and victories are a culmination of all our work.
  • We value the contributions of the individual and the work we conduct collectively as a team.

Trauma Informed Culture

NKYCAC believes that creating a culture where the impact of trauma is understood is critical in providing a trauma-informed environment both in our practices and organization. The Center provides education to all employees regarding trauma informed care, works to create a professional quality of life for all employees, volunteers and interns and conducts a yearly trauma informed organizational assessment to evaluate organizational cultures, practices, and policies.

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